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Drinkwell Pet Fountain Replacement Parts

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Your best bet to find replacement parts for the Drinkwell pet fountain is to look online.  While you may find some in stores, you’ll have better luck shopping online for the Drinkwell parts you’re looking for.  From the Drinkwell site, most replacement parts are fairly reasonable price wise.

For the original Drinkwell pet fountain parts, you’ll want to look here.  You’ll find every part you may be looking for on that site.  One of the parts you may be looking for is replacement filters for a pet fountain.  A three pack of pet fountain filters can be found here.  In order to keep the drinking water clean for your pet, you’ll want to replace the filter on your fountain every so often.  Filters do get old and stop working as well as new filters.  These filters are not only made to catch bigger particles like hair and food crumbs, they’re also designed to keep odors and smells out of your pet’s water.  If you are looking for a replacement motor for an original Drinkwell fountain, check here for the part.  According to Drinkwell, this motor should last between three and four years if maintained properly.

The Drinkwell big dog fountain has its own category of parts that you can find here.  Much like the original fountain, the big dog version is designed with water filters to get rid of any particles or smells.  These filters also come in a three pack, but are not the same style as above.  Big dog fountain water filters can be found here.  Remember, you’ll want to occasionally change filters in order to keep your pet’s water tasting the best it can at all times.  If you’re looking for a replacement motor on a big dog fountain, check here for what you may be looking for.  Again, motors are designed to last three to four years with proper maintenance.

Finally, if you have a Platinum Drinkwell pet fountain, you’ll want to browse here for parts and supplies.  Parts for the platinum style fountains will be different from the other types of fountains.  You’ll want to make sure you are buying the correct parts for the style of fountain you may have.


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